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dataConductor is an interactive enterprise yield management solution for the semiconductor industry. With dataConductor, semiconductor manufacturers can collect data from diverse, global manufacturing systems and combine them into a single warehouse to manage yields during data characterization, yield ramp and volume production.

The dataConductor platform is a comprehensive enterprise yield management system built upon our high-performance dC Warehouse. dataConductor features an optimized Oracle database, standard and custom data parsers, and a full suite of analysis capabilities that can be tailored to your particular environment.

Syntricity’s platform for big data analytics

Built using the latest cloud-based technology, dataConductor makes yield results readily available throughout the organization. From engineer to manager to executive, access to quality data and up-to-date reporting is available to an unlimited number of users – anytime, anywhere. Accelerated, agile decision-making means faster time to market and increased ROI.

With dataConductor, semiconductor manufacturers can:

  • Identify and isolate root causes early
  • Shorten time to acceptable production yields
  • Reduce mask set costs, saving millions of dollars
  • Improve and reduce test times
  • Simplify management of large volumes of semiconductor test data
  • Turn data to action with automated, interactive analysis flows
  • Bridge engineering and operations worldwide
  • Provide operations organizations with an engineering view of their supply chain
  • Access data via an easy-to-use web browser

Having the ability to monitor and manage massive volumes of semiconductor test data and to quickly identify the root cause of yield issues means more revenue for your business. Semiconductor manufacturers using dataConductor reduce their costs of characterization yield analysis by 75 percent, time to yield by 33 percent, and realize yield improvements of 1–10% across their product lines, saving millions of dollars each year.

Get more out of your data with enterprise resource planning

Syntricity helps its customers establish a highly reliable and contextual supply chain foundation. The dataConductor platform brings together data from every point in the supply chain. Users can accurately search and analyze data, in order to continuously improve product quality and reliability. SaaS Solution

Syntricity’s Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted solution is an excellent way for a semiconductor manufacturer to implement a world-class enterprise yield management system without investing the time, capital, or overhead costs associated with a traditionally installed application., our SaaS solution, provides companies of all sizes access to a completely scalable, manageable, reliable, and secure yield management system — all without a large initial investment in hardware or software.

The advantages of

Save on up front costs
The dataConductor software and hardware is owned and managed remotely by Syntricity on our high-performance servers.

Minimize time to deployment
With a SaaS solution, companies minimize their time to deploy an enterprise yield management system, without sacrificing the security and integrity of their data.

Scalable and extensible
As a SaaS solution, dataConductor scales to the size of any business, from one user to hundreds, and can easily manage terabytes of data.

Global reach to your enterprise
Users have the capability to securely and easily manage, archive, and retrieve crucial semiconductor test data at any time, from anywhere, on any computer.

Tools that deliver business value

Syntricity makes it easy to access and analyze all your data in one place. Our suite of intuitive analytic tools and products makes harnessing the power of big data effortless.

Patented engineering data warehouse
With a patented storage method to handle large numbers of conditions (such as temperature, voltage, split, etc.) in a flexible manner, dC Warehouse is a highly optimized engineering database that empowers engineers to make good decisions, quickly.

Rapid characterization and root cause analysis tools
dC Analysis is a suite of interactive analysis tools and customizable applications, designed to simplify the analysis of product characterization data, qualification studies, production ramps, and volume production datasets.

Automated analysis flow and supplier yield management tools
dC Production automated analysis flows provides users with the ability to trace genealogy of material throughout all  operations and accurately represent the actual yield at test operations. Supplier yield management reports enable users to identify and resolve the significant issues across equipment, multiple wafer fabs, or assembly and test facility suppliers that can be shared across all levels of the organization.

Custom parsers
Syntricity has developed hundreds of data parsers that support a vast number of formats, foundries, and test houses.