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The dataConductor Platform

The dataConductor platform is a comprehensive enterprise yield management system built upon a high-performance data warehouse. Web-native, dataConductor features an optimized Oracle database, standard and custom data parsers, and a suite of analysis capabilities that can be tailored to your particular environment. Having the ability to monitor and manage massive volumes of semiconductor manufacturing data and to quickly identify the root cause of yield issues means more revenue for your business. Syntricity's dataConductor enterprise yield management (EYM) software collects data from diverse manufacturing systems and combines them into a single warehouse to support all phases of the semiconductor product life cycle.

dataConductor is also a product-level characterization system, with easy-to-use analysis tools that let you quickly study characterization data, measurement systems data (for example, gauge r&r), and cross-operation relationships. With a patented storage method to handle large numbers of conditions (such as temperature, voltage, split, and son on) in a flexible manner, dataConductor provides the storage and analysis capabilities that you need to make good decisions quickly.

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RaCR — Rapid Characterization and Root Cause Analysis

RaCR is a suite of interactive analysis tools and customizable applications, designed to simplify the analysis of product characterization data, qualification studies, production ramps, and volume production datasets. With dataConductor, features such as flexible attribute grouping and thumbnail previews have long provided customers with an easy-to-use platform for making data-driven decisions. RaCR's template-based analytics build on this tradition, with features such as drag-and-drop analysis objects, intuitive filtering, and point-and-click sorting. The RaCR gauge R&R application is easier to use than existing gauge capabilities in other packages because it fits neatly with how semiconductor product engineers collect data in back-end operations. Throughout RaCR, interactive data sub-selection lets you highlight data values or data groups of interest and drilldown for further analysis. Combinations of graphical and tabular results can be saved as customized templates.
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AMP — Advanced Monitoring for Production

With automated analysis flows dataConductor collects data and quickly generates reports with drilldown capabilities to monitor and assess yields within minutes.
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SYM — Supplier Yield Management

Supplier Yield Management (SYM) is the first true integration of MES and detailed electrical yield reports, resulting in a single-point interface for quickly assessing product yields from multiple viewpoints and time periods simultaneously. Now you can focus on identifying and resolving the most significant issues with multiple wafer fabs, assembly and test facility suppliers. You have the flexibility to easily modify SYM's standard reports, comparing yields related to hardware or software attributes such as ATE, probe cards, handlers, and test programs, as well as comparing your product families, fabs, and assembly and test houses, all within seconds. When a specific yield issue becomes apparent, SYM reports are linked to Syntricity's other software applications to perform detailed bin, parametric or correlation analysis.
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Data, Data, and More Data

It's always great to let the data do the talking, but what language do they speak? Syntricity has developed parsers for the most common foundries, formats, and testers, including TSMC, UMC, CSM, STDF, GDF, Teradyne, LTX, Verigy, and dozens more.
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dataConductor.com Internet Hosted EYM Solution

A hosted solution is an excellent way for a fabless semiconductor manufacturer to implement a world-class Enterprise Yield Management system without a large up-front investment.
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