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Learn About Syntricity
Leading semiconductor companies characterize new products and ramp them to volume production at peak yields using dataConductor.  Watch our video to learn how we can help your company today.
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Making movies, on location
The folks at Fusion-io have completed a case study on Syntricity's use of flash-based memory products to boost the performance of, and have recently released a video summarizing Syntricity's path to choosing and implementing Fusion-io's advanced solid-state memory tier.
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Giving the boot to traditional disk drives
As part of ongoing enhancements to, Syntricity has teamed with Fusion-io to improve data warehouse performance and reliability. Fusion-io's flash-based memory tier provides faster and more consistent performance for data loading, summarization, and access.
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Learn about dataConductor...

dataConductor enables data-driven decisions
dataConductor is used by leading semiconductor companies, test vendors and wafer foundries to gather, manage and analyze data from facilities around the world, improving yields and reducing development time.
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Yield management starts with characterization
Determining the root cause of a process or design issue calls for powerful but intuitive, easy to use tools.
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Enterprise Yield Management
An enterprise approach to yield management helps semiconductor manufacturers improve production efficiency to increase yields, reduce costs, and gain faster time-to-market.
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