Syntricity Breaks the One-Trillon Measurements-Per-Year Barrier

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, June 17, 2009 – Syntricity Inc., a leader in semiconductor yield management solutions, announced today the capability of loading over a trillion measurements per year using its newly enhanced dataConductorEP™ warehouse. Anticipating that the data collection and analysis needs of its customers will continue to grow, Syntricity has produced a 10x improvement over what was already an industry leading warehousing architecture.

“While the technical details are impressive, it’s the practical implications that we are excited to share with our customers,” said Steven Griffith, president and CEO of Syntricity. “Many people think of bin results when they think of yield management, but parametric data really are at the core of yield monitoring and improvement. Syntricity is convinced that the latest dataConductor warehouse innovations will support not only today’s needs for our customers, but tomorrow’s demands as well.”

Designed with the semiconductor supply chain in mind, the dataConductorEP warehouse allows decision makers access to the entire spectrum of product data. By strategically uniting standard and proprietary methods, Syntricity provides its customers with the ability to keep several quarters of parametric and bin data online, instantly available for analysis and reporting. This capability is available to all customers, including those hosted by Syntricity on, a software-as-a-service (SAAS) offering.

Given the combination of sophisticated system-on-a-chip designs and very high manufacturing volumes, the sheer volume of data collected on a product can be in the hundreds of millions or even billions of measurements per day. To handle these requirements, the warehouse combines a multithreaded parsing process with parallel data loading. Customers benefit immediately because the new warehouse requires no modifications to existing parsers, and there are no special commands or complicated query languages to learn.

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