Syntricity’s dataConductorEP 6.0 Makes Data-Driven Decisions as Easy as Drag-and-Drop

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, September 9, 2009 – Syntricity Inc., the pioneer in web-native analysis and reporting for the semiconductor industry, has released dataConductorEP 6.0, which combines powerful, template-based analytics with an enhanced, high-performance data warehouse. Ease-of-use continues to be a hallmark of the product, with drag-and-drop analysis objects, intuitive filtering, and point-and-click sorting. The power and flexibility of the new offering redefine how engineers will interact with data to reach conclusions and make decisions.

“When dataConductor debuted, our vision was to provide a powerful, easy-to-use product that helped engineers make decisions faster,” said Steven Griffith, president and CEO of Syntricity. “This latest release uses analysis templates to build powerful applications, including a gauge repeatability and reproducibility app, the first to be built on our RCR Web 2.0 analytic platform. It is much easier to use than the gauge capabilities in other packages because it fits precisely with how semiconductor product engineers collect data in back-end operations. We’re delighted that our largest customer, a Fortune 500 company, has selected the 6.0 gauge r&r application as its new standard for gauge studies.”

Building upon the industry’s most powerful data warehouse architecture, dataConductorEP 6.0 now traces multiple dice that go into a package, and the non-die components as well. “The customer can use the system to identify bad components of, for example, an MCM/SIP RMA, in addition to identifying other MCMs built from problematic components,” continued Griffith. “Warehouse enhancements have also been made to improve dataConductor’s ability to analyze all ATE hardware at both a detail and aggregated level. ATE hardware includes site-level information as well as every piece of equipment connected to the test head.”

Features such as flexible attribute grouping and thumbnail previews have long provided dataConductorEP customers with an easy-to-use platform for making data-driven decisions. dataConductorEP 6.0 delivers powerful, template-based analytics that can be used as-is or easily customized with drag-and-drop analysis objects, point-and-click sorting, and flexible filtering. Any customized template can be saved and reused with any dataset, reducing the time it takes to reach conclusions and make decisions.

Available immediately, dataConductorEP 6.0 is supported as an enterprise installation or hosted by Syntricity on, a software-as-a-service (SAAS) offering.

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