Syntricity’s Deployment Strategy Turns Data Solutions

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, July 7, 2010 – Syntricity’s experience in deploying its dataConductor semiconductor yield managements system, including broad support for standard as well as proprietary data formats, continues to help customers establish the best-practices necessary for data collection, automated file feeds, and data analysis to turn data into solutions.

After more than a decade of deployments, the message is clear: Whether it is product characterization, faster ramping to volume production, yield improvement, or die traceability, optimum results depend upon the data infrastructure established during deployment.

Syntricity’s deployment process starts before the customer is a customer. That is, deployment begins when a customer-to-be chooses to do a formal evaluation of dataConductor. Customers understandably want to evaluate software based on their own data, which lets them see the potential of dataConductor to bring new insights about the data. This is possible because of Syntricity’s support for the most common data formats (such as those from the top foundries and ATE vendors), and its ability to quickly build the capability for custom formats. By working with companies closely in the evaluation phase, the basis of a solid data infrastructure is formed from the outset.

“Some of our customers have just a few data formats, while others have a dozen or more, fed from facilities across the globe. By seeing deployment as a process where we learn about customer needs and they learn about our capabilities, we’ve gained tremendous knowledge about what needs to be done as well as how to actually get it done,” said Steven Griffith, CEO of Syntricity.

Available as an enterprise application or through a hosted, software-as-a-service arrangement, dataConductor is helping large and small companies alike turn data into solutions.

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