Syntricity’s Supplier Yield Management Formulates Business Intelligence Semiconductors

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, September 25, 2008 – Syntricity Inc. today introduced the production release of their new application, Supplier Yield Management, which provides business intelligence analysis on semiconductor yields for the popular dataConductorEP® yield management platform. Supplier Yield Management (SYM) provides a supervisory overview of all suppliers and can quickly discern differences in yields between multiple test houses, assembly houses and foundry suppliers. By integrating key business data from the manufacturing execution system (MES) database with tester electrical attributes and yields, the user can slice and dice supplier reports for Sort and Final Test in over a thousand different comparison options, all in a matter of seconds. In addition, with a single mouse click, SYM reports can detect yield discrepancies between different test systems, testers, test programs, handlers, contactors and probe cards.

SYM is well integrated with Syntricity’s other popular applications including AMP (Advanced Monitoring for Production) and PowerTools. Users can seamlessly move analysis from supplier yield discrepancy to parametric analysis for wafer or final test lots in a matter of minutes or even correlate WAT (Wafer Acceptance Test) parameters that are effecting final test yields.

With SYM, users have already been able to:

  • Instantly prioritize the most important yield problems that can make the largest impact in cost savings
  • Perform real-time 2nd source analysis to determine the right mix to provide the lowest overall product cost
  • Obtain higher yields and lower retesting costs by detecting defective test equipment or test programs using SYM’s comparative test analysis
  • Track remote subcontractors in real-time when they transition to new equipment or a revised test program and immediately determine the effect on yields
  • Obtain a single report which can provide an overview of all subcontractors, and use the analysis for annual negotiations

“Supplier Yield Management is the first yield management software which combines all the key business factors derived from the operational database with electrical test yield details,” commented Syntricity COO, Steve Griffith. “This powerful combination had never been done before at this scale, and has lead customers to new discoveries about how they can improve operational efficiencies that can save hundreds of thousands of dollars. We made the user interface simple yet flexible so that the learning curve is a matter of minutes.”

Supplier Yield Management will be demonstrated at GSA Expo Booth # 716 on October 2, 2008 at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

Media contact: Joe McCaughey (858) 552-4485

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