Driving Decisions Through Data – Five Petabytes and Counting for Syntricity’s Tier-One Storage

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, June 18, 2012 – As further evidence of its commitment to providing customers total supply-chain visibility, Syntricity Inc. announced today that it has reached the milestone of processing over five petabytes of data through its tier-one storage system on dataConductor.com™ since July 2010. Five petabytes is about the amount of data contained on one million DVDs or the disk drives of several thousand personal computers.

dataConductor.com is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) private cloud, providing the storage, throughput, and analysis capabilities required for semiconductor companies to quickly make reliable, data-driven decisions. The tier-one storage system is built on industry-leading, Fusion-io flash-based solid-state technology. In concert with the rest of the dataConductor system, it provides the fast access to data that engineers need to focus on analysis and reporting as opposed to locating and extracting data.

“Our customers collect and process vast amounts of parametric and bin data as they characterize new products, ramp them into volume production, and monitor and improve manufacturing yields. Fusion-io demonstrated the ability to offer a high-performance memory tier that offered tremendous performance potential, and we’re realizing that capability every day,” said Steven Griffith, President, CEO, and co-founder of Syntricity. “The extraordinary bandwidth and low latency of the Fusion-io storage system is a perfect complement to Syntricity’s expertise in retrieving, parsing, and conditioning large amounts of data across a range of formats.“

Syntricity’s dataConductor.com continues to be adopted by several leading semiconductor companies. Startups, established companies, and spinoffs have all experienced the benefits of a scalable enterprise yield management system, with automated connections to their global supply chains, without the burdens of additional IT infrastructure.

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