Access, interact and analyze

Exensio-Hosted enables engineers from all areas of the enterprise to access, analyze and create reports during all of the phases of product development through high volume production. Product Engineers can use the platform to quickly characterize new designs and manage their ramp into production. Test Engineers can use the platform to generate and verify test limits to maximize yields. Yield Engineers can use the platform to monitor yield performance and leverage the tools to perform root cause analysis to improve and manage yields. Quality Engineers can use the platform to analyze qualification test results and to determine outgoing quality levels. Managers can leverage the production dashboard to easily access product and supplier performance.

Product Engineer

As a Product Engineer, you need the capability to collect and analyze data during all phases of a product life cycle. See samples.

Test Engineer

Test Engineers need access to characterization and production yield information to set, verify and maintain test program limits. See samples.

Yield Engineer

Quickly save time and perform root cause analysis to improve product yields. See samples.

Quality Engineer

Access and track outgoing quality levels of multiple products in high volume production. See samples.


Monitor Product and Supplier performance thru the dashboard with drill down capability to quickly identify production problems and issues. See samples.