Syntricity Delivers dataConductor 7.0

Enhanced Analysis Capabilities Combine with Simplified Work Flows to Drive Solutions

SAN DIEGO, June 29, 2011 – Syntricity Inc. announced the release of dataConductor®7.0, the latest version of its enterprise yield management software. dataConductor 7.0 enables customers to manage large datasets, quickly identify and address unusual results, and share their results as well as methods. Available immediately, dataConductor 7.0 is available through®, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering, or as an enterprise installation.

“In dataConductor 7.0, our new user interface helps beginners and experts alike get more out of their analysis sessions. And now, customers can easily take best practices that they’ve implemented and turn them into standardized templates for their engineers, providing a solid foundation for various types of analysis,” said Steven Griffith, CEO and co-founder of Syntricity “With dataConductor 7.0, we continue to deliver solutions that help our customers develop the next generation of semiconductor products.”

Highlights of dataConductor 7.0 include:

  • Knowledge sharing through user-configured/shareable templates,
  • Multi-threaded data loading and statistical analysis,
  • New analysis capabilities in RaCR, the rapid characterization and root cause analysis application for dataConductor,
  • Operation-based selective data sampling, designed with cross-operation analysis in mind,
  • Interactive outlier removal, at the measurement or part level, and a
  • Streamlined user interface, including single-click access to common tools and features.

“Selective data sampling and enhanced, multi-threaded data loading and manipulation provide customers with fast, efficient forms of single- and multiple-operation analysis,” continued Griffith. “Slicing and dicing large datasets has never been easier, because dataConductor 7.0 simplifies access to commonly used features such as editing limits and grouping data, helping reduce the time to make decisions.”

The dataConductor platform integrates a high-performance data warehouse with flexible analytics and reporting.Drag-and-drop, template-based analysis lets customers implement best practices, while Syntricity’s consulting services help companies recognize further yield improvements.Semiconductor companies of all sizes use dataConductor to analyze engineering data, ramp products to production, and manage and improve wafer and final test manufacturing yields.

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