Syntricity Enhances Performance by Giving Traditional Disk Drives the Boot

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, October 11, 2010 – Syntricity, Inc. announced today that it has deployed an enhanced, higher-performance data warehouse for its™ customers. A software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering for semiconductor companies of all sizes, provides the throughput necessary for data-intensive companies who need to quickly turn data into solutions.

Given today’s system-on-chip (SOC) designs and time-to-market demands, semiconductor companies are generating and storing ever-increasing amounts of data but have less time in which to analyze the results. With customers collecting data from manufacturing facilities around the globe, Syntricity chose a fresh approach to accelerating data warehouse performance by removing spinning hard disks entirely from the equation.

Enter Fusion-io: By using the new flash-based memory tier from Fusion-io (ioMemory), which has the capacity of 1000 memory modules, and the performance of 10,000 disk drives, Syntricity is providing faster and more consistent performance for data loading, summarization, and access.

“With the reduced latency and higher bandwidth of the Fusion-io tier-one storage system, we’re able to take the data warehouse to the next level,” says Tim Lewis, VP of Operations for Syntricity. “We chose the Fusion-io products because they are easy to work with, deliver excellent performance, and are backed by a truly exceptional technical team.”

“Syntricity is the pioneer in web-native data analysis and yield management solutions for the semiconductor industry, so it’s no surprise that it chose Fusion-io to deliver enhanced data throughput for its customers,” said Tyler Smith, Vice President of Alliances for Fusion-io. “We’ve pioneered a new memory tier of flash-based solid-state technology, and we’re pleased to see Syntricity realize significant performance gains through the application of our Fusion-io products.” is the Internet-hosted version of the award-winning dataConductor™ Enterprise Yield Management (EYM) system. Accessed through a web browser, provides companies of all sizes access to a completely manageable, reliable and secure EYM system scalable to tens of gigabytes of uploaded data per day and multiple terabytes directly accessible online.

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