Syntricity Provides End-to-end Data Management and Analysis for eFuse-Enabled Products

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, September 9, 2010 – Syntricity Inc., a leader in data management and analysis for the semiconductor industry, has developed an end-to-end solution for eFuse programmable identification registers. Used for material tracking, fine-tuning individual devices, piracy and hacking prevention, and other applications, eFuse (aka one-time programmable or OTP) registers are generally configured at wafer sort to provide a unique die identification. With Syntricity’s dataConductor® platform, customers now can easily store, track, and analyze data at the die-ID level from wafer sort through final test.

“Increasingly, our customers are relying on eFuse/OTP registers for die-level traceability. This can be a powerful technique, but just tagging a given die with a unique ID is merely the starting point” according to Technical Account Manager Iraj Eklassi.  “We’ve added storage and querying capabilities specifically designed for eFuse IDs, including the use of genealogy data, and simplified wafer mapping, correlation by die ID, and other analyses based on the unique eFuse/OTP ID.”

Syntricity’s support for eFuse/OTP-based analysis means that it’s easy to pair data across operations, such as correlation between wafer sort and final test for production or engineering material.  In the case of an RMA, the eFuse/OTP capabilities include searching the data warehouse based on the unique die ID and generating reports based on all data collected for that part at all operations.  Customers with multi-chip modules (MCMs) who are already using dataConductor’s genealogy tools can now combine them with eFuse support, for a finer level of material traceability.

In many situations, not all tests can be performed at wafer sort (or at least not at the required operating speed). With dataConductor, customers can use eFuse IDs to analyze final test data (for packaged parts) in wafer map tools, looking for patterns or areas of failures just like traditionally done for wafer sort data. By driving yield issues back from final test to the fab, customers realize significant cost savings.

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