Syntricity Reports Profitability 2009 – Sees Increased Demand Products Services

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, January 21, 2010 – Syntricity Inc. announced today profitability for the calendar/fiscal year 2009, including four successive quarters of profitability. The company pointed to increases in sales both of products and services as well as improved operational efficiency as key achievements. Significant milestones in 2009 include the release of its rapid characterization and root cause (RaCR) analysis suite, the rollout of a powerful gauge repeatability and reproducibility application, and the announcement of the ability to store and process over a trillion measurements per year using its proprietary database architecture.

“We are obviously very pleased to have been profitable for the year,” said Steven Griffith, president and CEO of Syntricity. “It’s no surprise that in today’s economic environment, our customers are more focused than ever on improving yields and reducing costs. We know that 2009 was a difficult year for many, but we are excited to have added new customers during the year. It was also very satisfying to sign a three-year extension with our largest customer, a Fortune 500 company that has been working with us for over a decade.”

Given the need to analyze and manage ever-increasing amounts of data as quickly as possible, Syntricity developed RaCR to bring the power of drag-and-drop analytics to engineers solving advanced characterization and yield enhancement issues. Template-based analysis tools are augmented with powerful applications in RaCR, including Syntricity’s Gauge R&R application for releasing hardware into volume production. With the growing emphasis on parametric data collection, the data warehouse has been enhanced through pipelined data loading to meet customers’ current and future requirements.

“A decade ago, the notion of a Web-based data analysis platform was a novelty. Now, the idea that all data are available at any time through the Web is fundamental to many businesses,” continued Griffith. “Given the global nature of the supply chain, our customers need ready access to accurate and complete data to make the best possible decisions in a timely manner. That’s why the dataConductor platform continues to be the basis for data analysis, yield management, and reporting for our customers as they develop the next generation of semiconductor products. We’re looking forward to continued success in 2010 and beyond.”

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