What’s Old is New Again

It’s just a few days past Groundhog Day, and it’s not hard to anticipate spring time. As we do so here at Syntricity, we look forward to celebrating our 15th anniversary

[or birthday or whatever you’d like to call the event that commemorates the start of our company].

While everyone has their head in “The Cloud” now, 15 years ago the idea that a company would process and warehouse another company’s data and provide browser-based analysis and reporting tools for semiconductor characterization and yield enhancement was not exactly commonplace. Today, it’s the norm for companies around the world, many of whom were early customers of ours.

In a world of spreadsheets on the personal computer (or workstation) of each individual engineer, the advantages of providing access to centralized data quickly became clear. Further, having access to those datasets from anyplace/anytime, with just a web browser to point the way, let our customers solve problems in ways they just weren’t able to do before.

It’s tempting to put numbers on things. For example, we can say that after a decade and a half, dataConductor has processed several million (yes, million) STDF files. And given all those characterization and production STDF files, we could make a pretty good guess at how many WAT files have been parsed and processed in dataConductor as well. While it’s tempting, we know that summarizing things with a few metrics doesn’t really tell the story behind Syntricity and dataConductor.

We received an e-mail recently from someone who worked with dataConductor in her previous job (she’s an independent consultant now). Her comments reflect the vision that Syntricity had for dataConductor from the outset:

“From 2003-2005, before ‘cloud computing’ was coined, I telecommuted from Mexico for my company.  My then-employer used dataConductor.com. Because of the nascent cloud computing structure available on dataConductor.com, I was able to perform my job of managing, troubleshooting, and reporting yield data even though I was two thousand miles away from the office. Syntricity has an experienced technical support team, and the data center had superb uptime, a must for cloud computing to be effective.”

We couldn’t have said it better, and thanks to all our customers for the first 15 years.

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