Exensio-Hosted Warehouse

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Turn your big data into even bigger ROI

The key to achieving and maintain high predictable yields is being able to collect and analyze critical product information during the entire product life cycle. These data can come from many sources and many formats from locations around the world.

Exensio-Hosted Warehouse integrates a high performance multi-threaded data processor that can parse and cleanse the incoming data before insertion into a smart database that has been optimized for fast loading and retrieval of data. Exensio-Hosted Warehouse is capable of handling test data of multiple product data streams of several gigabytes per hour, and storage of many terabytes of data.

Data Parsers

PDF Solutions has developed custom and standard data parsers that support a vast number of formats, foundries, test and assembly houses, and semiconductor test equipment. We also offer a Syntricity ASCII Format (SAF) data parser that makes it easy to insert tab-delimited or comma-separated values (CSV) that you’re used to from ATE, bench equipment, and other sources.


We support WAT/PCM data from more than 20 foundries, including:

  • GlobalFoundries
  • Dongbu
  • HHGrace
  • IBM
  • SMIC
  • TSMC
  • Tower
  • UMC
  • And many others

Test and Assembly

We support data from the most popular semiconductor test and assembly houses, including:

  • Amkor
  • ASAT
  • ASE
  • Carsem
  • DA-Integrated
  • ISE Labs
  • KYEC
  • Megic
  • StatsChipPAC
  • UTAC
  • And many others

Test Equipment

We support data from the most popular semiconductor test equipment, including:

  • Advantest
  • Keithly
  • LTX/Credence
  • Reedholm
  • Roos Instruments
  • Teradyne (including Eagle)
  • Verigy
  • And many others


We support standard, semi-standard, and custom data formats, including:

  • .dlog
  • CSV
  • GDF
  • STDF
  • XML
  • And more