Syntricity Announces dataConductor 7.1

Reducing the Time to Reach Peak Yields in Volume Production

SAN DIEGO, May 6, 2013 – Syntricity, the leader in web-based, enterprise yield management software, announced the release of dataConductor®7.1. dataConductor provides anytime, anywhere online access to engineering and production data, and analytic solutions to quickly ramp sophisticated products into volume production at peak yields. dataConductor 7.1 is available immediately through®, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering, or as an enterprise installation.

Semiconductor companies of all sizes use dataConductor to analyze engineering data, ramp products into production, and manage and improve wafer and final test manufacturing yields.

“With dataConductor 7.1, we’ve enhanced the storage, retrieval, and analysis of engineering and production data,” said Steven Griffith, CEO and co-founder of Syntricity. “Whether you are drilling down into the details of a single measurement or studying quarterly yield trends across product lines, dataConductor 7.1 gives people the power to organize and analyze their data, quickly make data-driven decisions, and improve their processes.”

Product Highlights

dataConductor integrates a high-performance data warehouse – supporting a vast number of standard, semi-standard, and custom data formats– with powerful analytics and reporting solutions.dataConductor 7.1 provides all of the following:

  • Increased database performance,  to store and retrieve an ever-increasing range of engineering and production data,
  • Comprehensive hardware and software binning support, to further enable detailed analysis of high-volume manufacturing results,
  • Flexible sorting and filtering, to drive decision making and root cause analysis,
  • Enhanced visualization tools,to make it easier to detect and disposition results of interest, and
  • Improved reporting performance,to share analysis results in a variety of standard document formats.

“Bringing together engineering and production data from around the globe and across the supply chain, dataConductor enables companies to improve yields, reduce variability, make better forecasts, and increase profits,” continued Griffith.  “More than ever, our customers are experiencing the strategic benefits of an online, enterprise-wide yield management system.”

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